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Professional Promotion Of Your Program in Germany

If you want to expand your program publicity from Germany to Europe, you found the right place: Even if your program is already introduced by one of our forum members, you can increase the traffic of your program site with a simple monitoring listing or a forum thread on our forum.

Fresh and fast: This site is the biggest German Online Investment Community, started in 03/15/15 and has a very noteworthy leverage to the German market. Our site has 4-5k daily sessions: 35% are new vistors, 65% unique recurrent. This october we reached 5000 members! Take a look on our AlexaTrafficRank->

(it's real, click it!)

Did you know?

"The German market is on the same level with Russia, which most people don't know, because it's not "popular", but liquid. Fact is; Germans have the money. When we invest, we do it well. 5-digget amounts are no curiosity. Attract all these Investors through X-Invest!"

2 Options: Simple Monitoring Listing or All-In-One-Promotion

X-Invest is different: Our offers create the perfect circumstances for your success without any risk!

Money Back Guarantee: If we reached a ratio of 100% in your program and you did not earn this amount through us, we will pay the absentees funds back to you! Do you know any monitor with such conditions?

Monitoring Package: Basic Advanced Professional Premium Deluxe
Monitor Listing
Qualified for Class B: 100% Roi 50% Roi 1% Roi
Qualified for Class A: 100% Roi 50% Roi 1% Roi
50%-100% RCB:
Shoutbox Posts:
Money Back Guarantee:
X-Invest's Deposit: 100$ 200$ 350$ 500$ 800$
Monitoring Fee: +10% +20% +30% +40% +50%
Total Amount: 110$ 240$ 455$ 700$ 1200$


All-In-One Package: Basic XL Advanced XL Professional XL Premium XL Deluxe XL
Monitor Listing
Qualified for Class B: 100% Roi 50% Roi 1% Roi
Qualified for Class A: 100% Roi 50% Roi 1% Roi
50%-100% RCB:
Shoutbox Post:
Forum Thread Listing
Payout Posts:
User Support:
Link in Newsletter:
News Support:
Money Back Guarantee:
Translation Discount: 5% 10% 15% 20% 25%
X-Invest's Deposit: 150$ 300$ 500$ 800$ 1200$
Monitoring Fee: +10% +15% +20% +25% +30%
Total Amount: 165$ 345$ 600$ 1000$ 1560$

Please pay us by bonus, but it has to be on our account balance, because we have to payout the fee:
The fee is listed as the red amount. In example, you take the Basic-Package, you must send a bonus of 110$ to our account balance! 10$ we withdraw directly and 100$ we will be invest into your program.

Add Your Program in 3 Steps: Choose, Fill in and Send

List your Program in Germany's Biggest Online Investment Community and Leading Monitor here:

  • 1. Make your choice above (done?)
  • 2. Fill in 3 form fields below (simple.)
  • 3. Pay us for the right package (required!)

Any questions? If we have missed to provide you an answer to your question on this page, please let us know and contact us here! Otherwise you're welcome to give X-Invest a chance and to take action now!

Add or Upgrade Program

Correspondence only by mail!

Rules - annoying but necessary

Stop! Be sure you choose the right package. If you choose Deluxe, but your program don't look like Deluxe, you will probably not get the necessary rating, for upgrade to Class A! Simple be honest to yourself, how much stars your program could get in our rating. You can find the reason in our rules:

1. We don't accept monitoring plans or direct payouts to ecurrency accounts and make no special offers. 2. If you pay us, but not our members, we will change your status to not paying or problem anyway.
3. For the ROI-Upgrade to Class A/B a you need appropriate rating (B = 3 stars / A = 5 stars).
4. If there are any signals of sinking cashflow, we can change your status for research!
5. It could be we decline your program for listing or the package you choosed.
6. You will get the paying status, when we get our first payout (not fee).
7. The bonus has to be send to our account balance, not in a plan.
8. We have the right to invest in any of your plans we want.
9. You can use the MoneyBackGurantee from 100% roi.
(we will pay the absentees funds back to you,
you did not earn through our referrals,
except insurance, if we must use it)

If you want to know, how many stars your program will get in our rating system, you can contact us here! But could it be, that the choice of your package influence our rating? Yes, but only if you're not overrating your own program and you can earn more stars with the time of a trouble-free activity of your program...

If you understood the rules you can go on and do the final step above...

Program Admin? Let's see what we can do for you: Add your Program to our German Community Portal Today!

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