Content Creator Peter Is Back With His AcademyLesezeit: 1 Minuten

New Blog and The Return of Peters Content like Market News and More Will Lead to More Traffic

It’s been a while since Peter wrote articles on a regular basis. By the end of 2017, he did that in the forum. By leaving it, he wanted to gain more time for the development of the main page, the shop, the monitor and the forum.

This is done now and he returns with his texts at his new X-Invest Academy.

Peter will guide the community there again, for example by writing market news. He has already published the market news 45 after a long break. More articles and project reviews will come now.

What is also important to know is, Peter provides a personal consulting for his members of the academy for free. Anyone can ask questions and will receive a detailed & helpful answer to invest in any project. The first questions have already been asked, although the academy has just started today.

Be on board when the traffic rises again, because that will push the German market to it roots and get it out of the summer fast.

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