100% Money Back Guarantee for Monitor ListingsLesezeit: 2 Minuten

How about listing your project without any financal risk? Now you can do that with our new money back guarantee – Actually it’s back! Here is why:

After the big crash at the end of 2017, the market was dead in 2018. Now it is reconstructing itself step by step. At the beginning of the year you could feel a boost. Of course, the market can never go all the way up. Therefore, there was a small low point at Easter. But now the market is on the rise again.

To support this process, we decided to bring back our money back guarantee. Here is how it works:

“If our deposit sponsored by you has achieved a 100% profit ratio, but you have not earned at least this amount through our referrals, we’ll refund you the difference once your project has ended!”

Therefore the deposit you sponsored is SAFE. If you lose any part of it, you get it back from us! – What else is there to say? Do you know a monitor that does that?

100% profit ratio: In addition of supporting the market, we also want to support you. Not only financial, but motivational. According to our observations, some admins close their project just before investors would come. You must know, most investors invest in projects that are already paying a few days.

Therefore, this money back guarantee shall also motivate you, to be patient. Patience will be rewarded! Because, what would you say if very few had to claim this money-back guarantee before? That’s right! Almost all admins who waited until we reached a payout ratio of 100%, were getting by far more funds as they sponsored us. Thus, it’s a win-win situation for us, the investors and you!

You don’t believe us? Test it! There is no risk at all. There is no catch, because it is not necessary.

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