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We always strive to improve our offers for best flexibility, price and performance. That’s why we made the following changes to our offers.

We are happy to announce 2 new Listing Offers and the improvement of our Listing Bundles.

In addition, you can now find discounted offers in our Shop, where you get increasing discount with longer running time of your ads. Starting from a duration of 2 weeks, you already get a 5% discount. This ranges up to 33% – also for Sticky Listings.


Insurance Listing

Projects with an Insurance are special to us – and to our community.

That’s why we created the new Insurance Section. All projects that have sponsored us an insurance, are listed in there above all other non-insurance listings. You can also provide an insurance for your active listing to upgrade your project in this section.

The most important fact is, that insurance section is the highest section, without buying a sticky.




We no longer invest in projects independently. Thus, the last custom listing will be “Bitclub”. However, we now have a Not Monitored Section.

Our community is informed that we see potential in the “not monitored projects”. If you are lucky enough to find one of your projects there, don’t hesitate to buy a listing without any fees (0$ fees)!

But don’t wait for your admission, because if we list a project as “not monitored”, then usually right after its launch. If yours isn’t there yet, then maybe the next time. However, a look before buying your listing never hurts to check if you can save your listing fee.



Improved Listing Bundles

We revised our 5 listing bundles.

Especially the Deluxe Bundle has more to offer now, as it includes 3 lifetime banners. But not only that, because all terms of the included extras have been extended, as well as the included Monitor and Thread Sticky. Besides the Monitor Sticky is already included from the Bundle Professional.

More explanations are unnecessary here, because a look explains all.



Now that the German market is awakening more and more, these improvements should have happened at the right time.

If you have any questions, ask us here in the comments or feel free to contact us.

Best Regards, X-Invest Team

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