Listing Rules

1. The bonus has to be send to our account balance, not in a plan.

2. We don’t accept monitoring plans, but have the right to invest in any of your plans we want.

3. We don’t accept direct payouts to ecurrency accounts or any other deals.

4. You will get the paying status, when we get our first payout (not the fee).

5. If you pay us, but not our members, we will change your status to problem for selective payments.

6. If there are any signals of problems (other monitors etc.), we can change your status for research!

7. It could be that we decline your program for listing or the listing options you have chosen.

8. If the banners or stickies are out of stock, your booking will be in a queue and will be done as soon as a slot is free. You can see the number of free slots below every banner and sticky.

9. The rating of your project is our decision. It’s not allowed to ask us for a higher rating or to offer us any money for it. It is allowed to ask what you can do for a better rating!

10. You have to pay or send bonus in e-currency if your project is not based on crypto-currency only.

11. The monitoring will continue until the end of the project, an early termination is not possible.

Violation of these rules or behavior by which the non-acceptance of them is conspicuous may affect the rating of the program.