125×125 Side Banner at Thread & Startpage (No Rotation or Limit)


Book now and the rest of the day is for free: Your booking is active immediately after we edited it. The running time starts the next day. Like this, we give you at the end of your booking a few hours for free. Your booking will be deleted during the day. So we give you at the beginning and at the end time for free.



Little banner with great effect: static + left-justified = it attracts quite more attention!

Internet-user stay 65% of their time on the left side of the site. 90% of the user look first on the left side. And there is this banner in every thread placed. Overall, we have nearly 10.000 threads, with a rising trend. Additionally, this banner is shown on the frontpage of the forum.

So not only active members, but also inactive readers, new guests and visitors will be addressed.

The banner is static: That means it’s not rotating with another banner, it is visible the whole time!

More sightings than normal banners: 

The X-Invest server uptime is about 99.99% (more sightings)

Your banner will be seen from members and guests (even more sightings)

Your banner will be hosted by X-Invest, so it is resistant against adblockers (manymore sightings)


Additional information

Anzahl der Plätze / statische Slots


Größe / Auflösung


Preis pro Woche

Position 1: 39€ (am meisten geklickt)
Position 2: 33€
Position 3: 28€
Position 4: 24€
Position 5: 21€
Position 6: 19€
Position 7: 18€ (am günstigsten)
Position 8: 19€
Position 9: 21€
Position 10: 24€ (bestes Preis-Leistungs-Verhältnis, im Blickfeld beim scrollen)

Maximale Buchungsdauer

8 Wochen

Max. gestattete Buchungen je Link

Max. 1 Buchung für den selben Werbelink / Referral-Link gestattet.