468×60 Forum Banner At Editor & Startpage (Rotation / 5 Slots)


Book now and the rest of the day is for free: Your booking is active immediately after we edited it. The running time starts the next day. Like this, we give you at the end of your booking a few hours for free. Your booking will be deleted during the day. So we give you at the beginning and at the end time for free.



Every time a member writes something in the forum, this banner can be seen!

This banner can be found directly under the chatbox, below the editors for sending private messages, for creating new threads and posts. Additionally, it is shown right above the “fast posting box”, what is the most used editor in our forum. You can find the banner also in 2 more spots in our forum: Under the thread list and under the list of forums.

So this advertisement is addressed to active members. Whenever a guest changes the site in a thread or looks through the list of threads he will see this banner.

More sightings than normal banners: 

The X-Invest server uptime is about 99.99% (more sightings

)Your banner will be seen from members and guests (even more sightings)

Your banner will be hosted by X-Invest, so it is resistant against adblockers (manymore sightings)


Additional information

Größe / Auflösung


Anzahl der Plätze / Slots in Rotation


Max. gestattete Buchungen je Link

Max. 1 Buchung für den selben Werbelink / Referral-Link gestattet.

Preis pro Woche


Maximale Buchungsdauer

12 Wochen