728×90 Top Banner On 5 Forum Pages (Rotation / 5 Slots)

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This eyecather is shown at top of our startpage, at every thread above the first post, above the editor and above the lists of threads and subforums.

On the startpage your banner will be seen by regular visitors, readers and members. New visitors find via Google our 10,000 threads and see your banner above the first post. Interested persons, who visited X-Invest already, look through the thread list. The editor is used by our active members many times. Here you can see your banner too.
So you get every target group: But this is not only a perfect mix, but also the most seen banner in the forum. Beat the other banners with this one.

More sightings than normal banners:

The X-Invest server uptime is about 99.99% (more sightings)

Your banner will be seen from members and guests (even more sightings)

Your banner will be hosted by X-Invest, so it is resistant against adblockers (manymore sightings)

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Additional information

2 transition days for free

Your booking is active immediately after we edited it, but the running time starts the next day. In addition, we give you at the end of your booking a few hours for free. Your booking will be deleted during the day after the last day of your booking. So we give you at the beginning and at the end time for free.


If you want to see a statistic for your booked advertisement, you can use free services like Bitly: https://bitly.com/ Here you can insert your reflink, bitly will generate a shortened url, which redirects the people to your reflink. You can use this shortened url for your booking. The statistics are visible if you insert a plus behind your shortened url. If you need help, please contact our support in the lower right corner.