728×90 Banner Above All Mainpage Footers (Rotation / 5 Slots)

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Not overseeable: Wide banner between content and footer of the mainpage

Everyone who looks through the page will see this banner. If you scroll down, you inevitably see it. The footer is the first place to look for if you are searching something. Directly above the footer you can find this banner.

This banner addresses new and regular visitors. In both cases these groups are the groups that look on a site for a longer time. Fleeting visitors are sorted out in advance. Thats good for the low descent rate. This means qualitativ clicks and interested persons.

More sightings than normal banners:

1. Your banner will be hosted by X-Invest, so it is resistant against adblockers.
2. Your banner will be seen from guests as well as members.
3. The X-Invest server uptime is about 99.99%.

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