728×90 Monitor Ad Above Monitor List (Rotation / 5 Slots)

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Wide banner on slim page: Not overseeable above the monitor list

The monitor of X-Invest is clear. This wide banner can’t be overlooked. If you scroll down the monitor list, you will automatically find your advertisement.

Visitors of the monitor search for possibilities to invest. That’s the reason why it exists. It shows offers in a list. There is no blindness for advertisement or clicking-shyness. Especially the regular visitors know, that they can find offers there. They are interested from the beginning and open for new stuff. The new guests are curious too. The monitor is the most visited site by new visitors.

More sightings than normal banners: 

The X-Invest server uptime is about 99.99% (more sightings)

Your banner will be seen from members and guests (even more sightings)

Your banner will be hosted by X-Invest, so it is resistant against adblockers (manymore sightings)

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