Monitor-Listing for HYIPs, Adshares, ICOs and other types of Invest-Programs

Monitor-listing + thread: Even if your program is already represented in our forum, we open a new thread for you. We offer support and post withdrawals regularly. We offer 100% RCB for our referrals and more. Depending on the listing you bought, you can get banners or a sticky-listing inclusive. 

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Your program on the biggest German monitor for HYIPs, adshares and ICOs 

X-Invest was founded in 2009. We added the forum in march 2015. Since our publishing the fame increased significantly. Today we have about 10,000 registered members – increasing.  

Our monitor is not only an important part of the German market. Meanwhile also the Russian and even the international market looks on X-Invest. Furthermore, the German market is, after Russia, the second largest market. And the German people like investing money. Larger sums above 5 digits are no rarity. 

100% RCB


Sticky Listing

on Monitor

Sticky Thread

in the Forum


(if you want)

User Support

Shoutbox Post

Payout Posts










Lower Half

2 Weeks inclusive






2 Weeks inclusive

4 Weeks inclusive





Upper Half

4 Weeks inclusive

8 Weeks inclusive

2 Weeks inclusive

1 Weeks inclusive






8 Weeks inclusive

12 Weeks inclusive

4 Weeks inclusive

2 Weeks inclusive

1 Weeks inclusive

4 Weeks inclusive


3 steps for you – we do the rest: 

1. Fill out the form: Choose the bundle you like, insert your program-url and your mail-address, read and accepts the rules and send the form. 

2. Sending bonus-payment: We register at your site and send you our username (normallyxinvest). Send us the whole sum of the listing to our account (not invested!).

3. Activating the listing: We withdraw the fee and invest the rest in a plan of our choice. After receiving the fee, we put in all the data and activate your data.


(Projects with an insurance get listed in a higher section and thread list above all other non-insurance projects)
1. The bonus has to be send to our account balance, not in a plan.

2. We have the right to invest in any of your plans we want and we don't accept monitoring plans.

3. We don't accept direct payouts to ecurrency accounts and make no special offers.

4. You will get the paying status, when we get our first payout (not fee).

5. If you pay us, but not our members, we will change your status to not paying or problem anyway.

6. If there are any signals of sinking cashflow, we can change your status for research!

7. It could be that we decline your program for listing or the package you choosed and send the money back to you. We have the right to decline your banner, because of its quality, size or when it is annoying.

8. If the inclusive-offers (banners and stickies) are out of stock, your booking will be in a queue and will be done as soon as a slot is free. You can see the number of free slots below every banner and at the stickies (max. 5 slots).

9. Rating your program is our work. It's not allowed to ask for a higher rating or offer us money. It is allowed to ask what you can do for a better rating.

10. Whether the 728x90 and 468x60 banners, included in the listing packages, are placed on the monitor, the main page or the forum, will be decided randomly by our system.

11. We prefer e-currencies for the payment of your listing. You have to pay your listing in e-currency if your program is not based on crypto-currency only. This also includes payments via bonus in the program.

A breach of the rules or not accepting these, can be bad for the rating for your program.