Advertisement in the Newsletter to 6,500 Receivers


Translation inclusive: Almost all of our customers speak German. Your advertising will therefore only receive the necessary attention if it is in German. But don’t worry, we will translate your text for you.

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You can choose from 2 different advertisement places

1. Advertisement above the list of all activities of the forum (more clicks).
2. Advertisement inbetween the list of all activities of the forum (cheaper).

You can save money by booking both places in a bundle.

The newsletter will be send every month until the fifth.  The actual number of receivers is exactly 6,822. This number will be updated after sending newsletters.

The advertisement stands out: The background of the advertisement is yellow, which is the color of the community and visible for everyone. In front of the advertisement is a red text “Sponsored”.

Every place can consist of 4 lines or 300 signs which you can write. – For this you can make parts of the text fat or italic. You can set up to 3 links into your text.

Tip: Use this HTML-Editor to design your text and send us the Code. If you need help, just write us.

Statistics: The interested people, which open the newsletter, vary from newsletter to newsletter and can be calculated with an average of 21%. The part of the readers, which click links, is increasing and is about 400 interested people. 5%-10% is a normal average, because they are real active users.

Here a screenshot of the whole newsletter with examples: