160×600 Side Banner at Thread & Startpage (Rotation / 5 Slots)

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The only banner which is shown in EVERY thread 

Position: You can see this banner in the right sidebar in every thread and at the forum-startpage. This sidebar scrolls with the screen of the computer. So the banner is always in the field of view – when reading each topic and looking through the forum.

Rotation: This banner does rotate with other banners. There are five slots. That means, you do share this ad space with anyone. Your banner will be displayed there until your booking expires. 

Target Group: Not only active posters, but also silent readers are addressed by this spot. Silent readers are 80% of regular visitors. They are not interested in posting in the forum, but they are more interested in reading the offers. X-Invest soon counts 10,000 topics. There are also new guests who find these through Google.

More sightings than normal banners:

1. Your banner will be hosted by X-Invest, so it is resistant against adblockers.
2. Your banner will be seen from guests as well as members.
3. The X-Invest server uptime is about 99.99%.

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Additional information

2 transition days for free

Your booking is active immediately after we edited it, but the running time starts the next day. In addition, we give you at the end of your booking a few hours for free. Your booking will be deleted during the day after the last day of your booking. So we give you at the beginning and at the end time for free.


If you want to see a statistic for your booked advertisement, you can use free services like Bitly: https://bitly.com/ Here you can insert your reflink, bitly will generate a shortened url, which redirects the people to your reflink. You can use this shortened url for your booking. If you need help, please contact our support in the lower right corner.