Get The Full Control Over Your listing By Creating It!Lesezeit: 1 Minuten

After several years of offering 5 fixed listing bundles, it is time for some change:

We always tried to offer the right bundle for every project size. Therefore, we created 5 listing bundles, ranging from a very small (Basic) to a comprehensive bundle, with all possible extras (Deluxe).

Since we are constantly striving to improve for all sides, this no longer seemed like the best solution.

At our new listing offer, you can compile all components by yourself. Just choose the deposit amount and add the upgrades you need (5 options: Sticky Listing, Insurance, Forum Thread, Sticky Thread and Banner Promotion). Inside these options you can variate all properties.

Also new, you can now list your project from 50$, but the higher your deposit, the higher your position of your listing (up to 1000$ deposit).

In addition, we currently do not charge any listing fees: [List Your Project]

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