X-Invest: German Forum, Monitor and Blog

Since 2009 our investment monitor is the largest of Germany. In March 2015, we enhanced into the largest investment forum of Germany. Our community counts over 10,000 members and we are still growing. Our monitor reaches many new visitors every day. – Here is why:

Most parts of our site are in german, but you participate of our TRAFFIC for promoting your project.

The first reason: Germany is the 2nd largest market after Russia. Not because of its mass of people, but because of its cashflow. Germans like to invest. 5-digit sums are common.

The second reason: There is not only an noteworthy leverage on the german market. Because of its high popularity, many international investors follow X-Invest also.

You can promote every project you want, but don’t except any results, if you try to mislead our users. They are not naive! We show them how to avoid risks. It is not possible to earn with fast scams here. But you can earn through the trust of our community.

Therefor you have several opportunities, like Monitor Listings, Sticky Products and Banner Ads.