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Even if your project is already represented by our community, an official monitor listing is worthwhile, because the purchase of it has a positive image, which at least boosts your project. Not only because of our daily payouts and 100% RCB for all our referrals, but also because we create a separate thread, where we provide personal support and project updates. All this attracts attention.

MONEY BACK GUARANTEE (0% RISK): As soon as your project ends and you did not earn at least the same amount from our referrals as you have paid us through the returns on the sponsored investment up to that point, we will refund the difference. We guarantee that you will earn at least as much as you paid out to us as profits (without refcom) from your project.

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How many sign up & how many invest how much?

This varies and it depends, in our experience, on 6 factors:

1. Age of the listings: Despite to our advice in many places, such as the risk article linked below each introduction and on the monitor, the older a project is, or the longer it has been listed, the more interested parties invest in it! That’s just part of the market equilibrium, and not even the biggest risk-notice can change that! That is, the longer your listing exists, the more will sign up and invest. There are three reasons for this. First, an interested party may decide to invest because they have seen the listing many times. Secondly, it is because of the number of days monitored, as well as the next factor.

2. The Return (ROI): Also, here the time factor has a meaning and the amount of return! The higher the profit ratio is, the more the rate of applications and investments increases. If the profit ratio is still low, it may take some time before the first results become apparent. These increase in parallel with the profit ratio. The listing you sponsor us is like an investment with which you make a short advance. The longer the project lives, the more it pays off! 100% ROI is the goal here as well. The fewer stars the listing has, the more important is the ROI (%) for the signup rate, as well as the third factor!

3. The amount of the sponsored listing: This influences not only the number, but especially the amount of investments! If the sponsored investment is higher in relation to other listings, the investors’ investments are also higher. A $100 listing rarely gets a 5-figure investment. 4-digit investments are more common in higher listings. Starting from a $1,000 listing, these can become 5-digit as far as the project class and quality fits. Our highest sponsored investment was $10,000. Accordingly, high investments were made there. In addition, the amount of the investment has not only an impact on the position of the listing, but also on the rating (point 4) and the class (point 5).

4. The position of the listing: The rank of your listing depends on two factors. The first factor is the amount of the sponsorship, and the second is the rating. This means that if you sponsor $500 and your project is rated 4 stars, and another listing also exists with $500 sponsorship but is rated 5 stars, then that other listing will be ranked one position above yours. You can avoid this by sponsoring an amount of $501. Then your 4-star listing will be ranked higher than the 5-star listing. There is a trick to get your listing to the top, and that is by offering the community an insurance! The higher the listing, the more people will sign up.

5. The number of stars: The next factor that drives prospects to sign up, invest and invest more, is the rating. This not only has an impact on its own, but it is also connected to all the other factors! This means that a 5-star rating will have a much greater impact on a long-running $10,000 listing with over 100% ROI than a $100 listing. A high rating is more credible when there is a high investment. The rating is an additional bonus that is intensified by the other factors! Nevertheless, a 2-star listing can still attract many investors if the other factors are right.

6. The class: The classification of the listing into its class is determined by our rating and the amount of your sponsored investment. For Class B, at least 3 stars and an investment of $500 is required, for Class A at least 4 stars and $1,000 is required. This means that within the class and number of stars, you can influence the position of your listing through the amount of the investment. The higher the position of your listing is, the more it stands out. You can find out our rating and the potential class in advance from us. It is possible to upgrade the class and improve the rating over time (+1-2 stars). We will inform you about this.

In summary, all factors count in their entirety. In addition, there are other factors, such as the market phase, the quality of the website or the credibility of the concept. In addition, it plays a role how well known the project already is and still can become. Therefore, starting the listing early allows for the most growth potential!

We are happy to advise you for the right listing. You can reach out to us via the form on the right.

Good luck with your listing! [Order here]

Rewards for your runtime

At X-Invest you get rewards for your loyalty. The longer the runtime is, the better rewards you get!

After 1 month 1 week 468×60-Banner
After 2 month 2 weeks 468×60-Banner + 728×90-Banner
After 3 month 3 weeks 468×60-Banner + 728×90-Banner + 160×600-Banner
After 6 month 2 weeks Sticky Monitor
After 9 month 2 weeks Sticky Monitor + Sticky Forum
After 12 month 2 weeks Sticky Monitor + Sticky Forum + advertisement on the redirect page
After 18 month 4 weeks Sticky Monitor + Sticky Forum
After 2 years 4 weeks Sticky Monitor + Sticky Forum + advertisement on the redirect page
After 3 years 4 weeks Sticky Monitor + Sticky Forum + 468×60-Banner + 728×90-Banner + 160×600-Banner + advertisement on the redirect page

Please contact us for the implementation of your reward when the term is reached. Only one reward can be offered at a time. Previous awards expire when you reach the next.